New District 5020  Governor DAVID STOCKS and his wife FRANCES visited with Hawks Prairie Rotarians  at their regular meeting Friday, July, 29, 2011.  He was accompanied by Assistant District Govenrnor (Area 9B) BRUCE STUWE who introduced him to the HPR Board and membership.  DG Stocks is from West Victoria and spoke about RI and District goals for 2011-2012 and noted we were one of the largest districts in RI with 88 clubs and over 5,000 members stretching  750 miles from Woodland, WA to  North Vancouver Island. 

DG Stocks met with the HPR Board of Directors and addressed the general membership.  In his meeting with the BOD, he covvered what is new this year for Rotary International as well as District 5020.  He said the Disrtric'ts role is to communicate with its clubs and does so via its website, newsletters, and other tools such as "Go to Meeting".  In addressing the General Membership, DG Stocks who was formerly President of a Kamloops area Rotary Club, emphasized that every member of the club should use the resources of Rotary International, the District and the Club to do good in the community and world.   If not asked by the club  take an active role in leadership and committee activities, each member should make it known what they can offer to club leadership.  DG Stocks was presented a Canadian emlem tie by Past President Jospeh Beaulieu and a HPR Coin by President Sherry Jennings.