Fourteen HPR Members assisted SANDY HELTON'S husband Terry and their son Josh, with Helton Construction, to complete tear-down of walls and debris removal from the site of our new clubhouse meeting area adjacent to our current meeting space at the Lower Clubhouse of the Golf Course at Hawks Prairie. Besides Helton Construction, design and interior decoration work has been done by BCRA Architects (DAVE NEWKIRK) and the artisan's group (CHERI CASSEDY) all under the auspices of HPR remodel director JOSEPH BEAULIEU. Work is expected to be completed within 90 days at which time (June 1, 2010) HPR will begin meeting in this remodeled space which should hold up to 100 HPR Members and guests.
139 Photos of the Work Day were taken by Randy Luke and are in this web sites Photo Journal area thanks to Jerry Wilkins due diligence.