Hawk's Prairie Rotary has a unique opportunity on the weekend of Sept. 8th ,9th and 10th of 2006.
First of all, on Saturday Sept. 9th, we have the 4th annual March to Support Military Families, which, if early response is any indication, will be our biggest March ever! We have more sponsors, and more interest than we've ever had! It has brought in over $100K in the past 3 years, and might surpass that figure just this year! Be ready to help out!
Second: The Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club has made arrangements again this year, to operate the Parking Lot Shuttles at The Big Home and Garden Show Sept. 8th , 9th and 10th. We did this last year and made the club $1000! Pres. Elect Bob Kagy is in charge of Scheduling for this event

Third: The Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club has made the committment to handle the box office for The Big Home and Garden Show Sept. 8th , 9th and 10th . This will require 2 ticket sellers, on duty from 9:30am til 7pm on Friday and Saturday,and from 10:30 til 4pm on Sunday. The club has the opportunity to make approx. $3,000 from this activity. The honorable Canadian Brent Hoshizaki(Strader-Hallett) will be heading up this activity

Fourth: Very soon, plans will be announced for the unveiling ceremony of the bronze statue "Homecoming" . and all HP Rotarians should plan on attending this event. After all, the idea was conceived over 3 years ago, over $200,000 was raised, and a lot of work has gone into this project. Very significant for a club that will celebrate the 5th Anniversary of its charter in August of this year! WE NEED YOUR VOLUNTEER COMMITTMENT FOR THIS WEEKEND! PLAN ON HELPING OUT ON ALL 3 EVENTS!