Ability One/Source America program
Mar 09, 2018 12:00 PM
Jo'el Roth with Global Connections to Employment
Ability One/Source America program

Jo'el Roth is a Rehabilitation Counselor, which is an area of counseling that 
focuses on working with individuals with disabilities.
Global Connections to Employment is a nation-wide nonprofit. 
We are part of the Ability One/Source America federal program that 
has work contracts with the military across the country. 
The program assures that 75% of our work hours are 
performed by individuals with disabilities. 

Jo'el does the outreach, recruitment and disability accommodations for our 
projects here at JBLM, also at Eielson AFB in Fairbanks, as well as in 
Seaside, California. The Seaside project is an IT Training Program, (the pay is in the 
+ $60,000/year area, not a 'Goodwill' type of job that you would envision), 

while the JBLM and Eielson projects are tasked with running the 
cleaning crews for the military dining halls. The pay at JBLM is $14.37 per hour with
full health benefits and union membership. 

      Ability One/Source America program, which few people know about. It is a great source of possible revenue
to businesses. In addition, my presentation talks about how businesses 

can be "welcoming and accessible" for customers who may be individuals with disabilities. 
I have presented to business and civic groups nationwide, as well as at conferences, 
such as the American Counseling Association, etc.