Talking with Ken Balsley about Rotary is like asking your minister if you should come to church. I contacted Ken one day acting on the rumor that a new Rotary Club was in the works for Hawks Prairie. His resounding answer was YES! He proceeded to share the role Rotary plays in any community and the good the it is doing in communities and throughout the world. Ken said that for Hawks Prairie to establish itself as a community and to aid in the growth of the greater Lacey Community a Rotary Club was critical. Ken doesn't see growth boundaries as the stuff that directs community growth and identity-he sees people and their organizations as the glue to a strong community. Ken exudes Lacey pride and made no apologies for the importance of a Lacey Rotary lead and supported Hawks Prairie Club. Ken invited me to an upcoming organizational meeting with Bob Kagy and Joseph Beaulieu. Bob and Joseph were driven with the idea that this wasn't going to be just another Rotary club. Their dialogue was ladden with the excitement of creating something new, something that had the heart, mission and spirit of Paul Harris but a way of doing business that broke the mold for Rotary. Both shared Rotary stories-their long standing work with the Lacey Club and the traditions that made up the Lacey Rotary history. I often thought of the committment that they exhibited to leave an established-successful-community supported club to act on their vision of a new way of Rotary making a difference for members and the community. Ken, Bob and Joseph wanted a club where members were leaders that hadn't participated in Rotary. Members that wanted to work together-like a strong family-with caring, fun and vision. Joseph talked about patriotism-a new patriotism-that found its way into the club as an important part of our mission. I volunteered to keep the records-little did I know that I was on my way to becoming the first secretary of the club. Nice thing about being secretary-you get to know Rotary, Rotarians, Rotary Rules and the family of Rotary quickly. I was and still am impressed with the Rotarians from other clubs that reached out to our club to help. Locally and from Canada I received letters, money and items that would get us started. The donations would often come with a story of how the donating club remembered their first year. Charter night was special. The room was filled with forty or so of Hawks Prairie Rotarians and Rotary friends from far and near. All supportive-all smiling with words of encouragement-and checks $$ to help us buy the things we needed. We are acting on that initial vision-a new club-new ideas-fun-community-family and a role in renewing a sense of patriotism in our community.