Crazy Ain't it?
The Hawk's Prairie Rotarian March 1st, 2004 DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOO-DOOOOOOOOO⿦.i'M Back! Holy Moly it was a mother of a meetin' and if you read on⿦'ll find out why I said that! LAST WEEK'S MEETING: We were all eatin' away on some great Ceasar salad and Pizza, and some of the best monster chocolate chip cookies that The Golf Club at Hawk's Prairie could muster up when Pres. Elect Jim Rydland(North Thurston Schools) who by the way was standing in for vacationing President Bill Bryant, hit the bell with such force that it almost knocked it off of the stand! We all stood up and shook hands with one another, and then he hit it again⿦..gaining our attention, we all turned, and Pres. Elect Jim welcomed us properly to the last meeting of February for The Hawk's Prairie Rotary, then J.T. Sink(USAF Ret. ) led us in the flag salute, then our guest speaker from Big Brothers and Big Sisters, and fellow Rotarian from the West Olympia Club gave us a beautiful invocation, then Marv Kopp(Edward Jones) gave us a positive moment, then John Darby(Thurston Co. Chamber) led us in the 4-way test⿦.that got us all warmed up to perform a brand new song for the Hawk's Prairie Rotary⿦..You Are My Sunshine, which by the way everybody sang at the top of their lungs, pretty good for the first time through⿦.Then Pres. Elect Jim asked Billy Slosson(MVP Physical Therapy)to introduce VISITING ROTARIANS: let me see there was Jim Wilson from the Tumwater Club, Verle Ketchum from the Lacy Club along with Lorraine Ely-Morrison, and Roger Jones from the West Olympia club⿦⿦Guest included Lowell Gordon's lovely wife Daschia, and Brian Wharton(River Ridge HS) re-introduced Angela Dobson who is the director of the River Ridge Interact group, then Don Brown(Deer Creek Awards) introduced his sales manager Kristin Shulz⿦⿦Al Eckroth(Virgil Adams Real Estate) introduced Nonie McGlaughlin, who was with the State's Military Human Resources Dept. an d Bev White, who is the military family liasson to Fort Lewis. Then we all got up and sang the Hawk's Prairie Rotary welcome song and settled in for one of those truly great meetings! MILITARY MARCH: on Thursday of this week, Al Eckroth along with several Hawk's Prairie Rotarians conducted an organizational meeting for our next Military March which will be held on Saturday September 11th. He also introduced Nonie McGlaughlin(who used to work for him) and Bev White who got up and talked just a little about how much what little we have given has meant to military families. The reason I say a little, is that we can do so much more! NEW MEMBER: Don Brown of Deer Creek Awards was introduced by Billy D Peabody(Smith Barney) and sworn into Hawk's Prairie rotary by none other than Joseph Beaulieu(Venture Bank) who is also his sponsor. INTERACT: Brian Wharton got up and explained how the Capital to Capital exchange was coming along. 6 River Ridge Interactors will visit Victoria BC the Oak Bay Rotary Club hosting, and get to attend school, as well as visit their government facilities on the last weekend of March. Likewise , 11 Interactors from the Oak Bay Club will be visiting with us sometime in April or May⿦. THE PROGRAM: Roger Jones the new Executive Director of Big Brothers and Big Sisters, gave us a presentation of how BB&BS is interacting with Rotary on a national level, and how we as a club could become involved in a mentoring program with local kids⿦.great program FROM THE FRONT: Capt. George McCullough shared with us that 3 soldiers have been buried since we last saw him, and that he was grateful that we have given to the Fort Lewis memorial fund. SPECIAL MOMENTS: There were some great special moment ss⿦⿦Grace Kendall(Fast signs) share with us how she was blessed with a car from Portland for her daughter, Bob Kagy(ABC Printing) told us about his trip to Peru to see Rotary at work firsthand, Bill Slosson was all jazzed about River Ridge delivering it's first state wrestling champ ever, as well as the girls BB team going to state! Past Pres. Joseph Beaulieu gave, because his grandson just celebrated his 2nd Birth day, John Darby just celebrated his 6th wedding anniversary ⿦lots of special moments here⿦⿦ THE DRAWING: there was $726.00 up for grabs, and none other than Big Bad Billy Slosson's number was drawn first⿦I had thought that we would give away some dynamite coffee cup baskets from Venture Bank, but noooooo, I got out voted, and Bill Slosson drew for the marbles and got the black one. At least he is putting $100 in his Paul Harris fund⿦..I know that he did have a truck payment coming due, and could use the money! So next week, we start all over again! Wow!