Vocational Services Committee Update From Grace Kendall:

Capital to Capital Exchange Program - Jan Wallace is chairing this program and we need help to make this happen. We will be asking for specific help as needed. We discussed what all happens and how we make all this happen.
RYLA -Our club will support 2 Interact Students for the March Conference. In January, the announcement will be made to the students with all applications in by February 12th when students will present at Club meeting at 9:45 am. Need 3 HP Rotarians to come assist in choosing students.
Hawks Prairie Hero - Agreed that we would brief school counselors by February 1st. School counselors would identify students after discussion with them and to assist in writing a 250 word nomination packet. Rotarian panel would come to school on 1 May to meet nominees. Panel with counselors would determine winners and on May 23d at HP Rotary Meeting, a luncheon in honor of the winners and their families.
Meeting date to be determined - awaiting on schedule from Interact leadership. We are looking at taking the students for Pizza and conducting our next meeting. We will let you know when scheduled. All committee members are encouraged to attend as well as Interact officers, Interact Advisor, and HP Board members.