Todd Monohon(Saint Martins College) is introducing a new Eagle Scout during our Eagle Scout Awards Celebration in February!
Check out the new Photo Journal on the website!
You'll start to see all kinds of stuff show up there! Right now the Eagle Scouts awards celebration is loaded in(all 105 pictures) taken by Charlie Kirry(South Puget Sound Rotary) courtesy of Venture Bank. If you want to add titles to the pictures, it's really easy. All you have to do, is click on Edit Content(while you are in the photo journal) then click on edit, and you can add all of the titles and descriptions you want your own pictures. Don't forget that this Friday, April 2nd, Grace Kendall(Fast Signs) is bringing the folks from Classic Winemakers to show us how to make wine. Plus Past Pres. Joseph Beaulieu, has an important announcement as membership director of Hawk's Prairie Rotary. So make plans now to be there this Friday April 2nd at The Golf Club at Hawk's Prairie!