It doesn't seem possible, but the HP Rotary's Military Family Support March is Saturday September 10th! If you want to help, the biggest area that needs attention,is the formation of teams of people to MARCH!
If your office, or people you know can form teams of people to show up and Saturday September 10th at the Wal Mart on Galaxy Drive in Lacey, this is the single most important part of this event! We want a lot of people to show in support of our Military Families. They can bring banners from their businesses, have them wear Red White and Blue, however creative they want to be, but we want them in the March to show support! Please think about this one, and help us out! You can urge people to go to and get all of the information. We want to raise $75,000 this year, and we've got a ways to go to get there. So Act Now and let's put this march in high gear!