This may be a significant story of sorts, however, Jeff Ott longtime Red Badge member finally did his Vocational Talk, only it was a song(I'm pretty sure it counts) The words were significant, and were well recieved by all who were there!  Click Here to hear this fabulously sung song!
Jack of All Trades
By Jeff Ott

It's come to my attention, you don't like to see red
You want to see a blue badge on instead
So here I stand before you and instead of rambling on
I'll give you my speech in a song

I have been a carpenter, even a photographer
I have started old men's hearts, bandaged bleeding wounded parts
I have sold white toilet seats and even Kohler kitchen sinks
Jack of all trades, Master of none

I was born in '59 - two brothers before me and one behind
No sisters there to ever bother me
My father is an Eagle Scout - My brothers and their sons took that route
One of nine I'm happy to be


A BA in psychology - A paper chase didn't interest me
Tho' three years in that field I did spend
Helping the alcoholics, chasing the psychotics
ECTs soon didn't bother me


I wake up every day to a sky that is blue
And look around the world - there's so much yet to do

Now I work in security - though that's not what excites me
There are better ways to occupy my time
Sherry, Amanda and Ethan too, - now I suppose I can include you
All my friends I have in Rotary

Words and Music - Copyright (c) 2007 by Jeffrey L. Ott