From Grace Kendall

Just wanted to let you know we had one student to attend RYLA, Robby Watts. I have to tell you this is a special young man. He is 17 years old, junior at RRHS. He just started attending RRHS in early February coming from Centralia. He has had a hard life but the positive energy that he displays is quite extraordinary. Although he had not been here long, he made new friends and volunteered to go to RYLA. He had a wonderful time, learned many things, and was jazzed to meet many new people, especially the Canadians whom he shared his love of soccer with.
This is not your normal young man but one who could be a candidate for our Hawks Prairie Hero. He has given me permission to share a little of his story. He lived with his father until December when he passed. From there he was sent to live with his maternal grandmother and aunt here in Lacey. The eldest of 7 children, he played the parental role. That experience has led him to share with groups, the effects of having a parent with a drug problem. He is a survivor. I spent a few hours with him and got to know this bright young man. I am very proud of him for his positive attitude and his motto that he lives by, "what doesn't kill you will make your stronger. I'm attaching a picture as well as inviting him to a Rotary Meeting. I want you to meet this determined young man. Smiles, Grace