This bound to be one of our best programs all year!
come and hear River Ridge HS Students as they tell us about overcoming extreme adversity to continue on with their school work!
Hawk's Prairie Heroes is an event where the Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club obtains the names of 3 High School students from River Ridge High School. ......What we are looking for, are students who have overcome adversity, to try and make something of their life and high school career. Someone, who would otherwise go unnoticed. Not necessarily the best student with great grades, No necessarily a great athlete, or a popular student, but someone who has overcome great personal trials, in order to move their life ahead, as opposed to dropping out and being part of the problem as opposed to the solution. These " Heroes" , The Hawk's Prairie Rotary wants to recognize with a certificate, and a cash award, in order to let them know that someone does indeed, in fact notice their effort, and to wish them well. This is the spirit and the attitude that makes this country great!