Monday, December 10 and Tuesday, December 11, HP Rotary members will be manning a Flood Relief Donation Center at Venture Bank on College Street. There will be two trucks on site, and we need people to "man" the trucks.
Here is what is needed:

1. PEOPLE to be at the donation site at Venture Bank. We ask that you wear your Hawks Prairie Rotary Shirt or vest so you can be easily recognized. The hours of operation are from 9 to 5 each day. I very carefully collected the sign-up sheets, and then must have left them at the meeting on Friday, because they are gone! People are still needed (not all hours were taken) so please let me know when you are available.

2. DRIVERS for the two vehicles (Thanks to Bob Kagy and Dale
Carlson for the use of the trucks/vans.) The plan is to drive one to Lewis County United Way as soon as it is full, leaving the second one behind to continue collecting donations.

3. DONATIONS - Money (make checks payable to the Hawks Prairie Rotary Foundation); cleaning supplies of all types; shovels; brooms; toilet paper; diapers; non-perishable food; pet food (esp. dry dog and cat food); fresh bedding for people and for pets; clothing of all kinds; towels; bottled water; etc. These people lost nearly everything, including Christmas presents, so they literally need anything and everything. Many wells are still untested so there is a "boil" order for much of the area (IF they have a stove that works!)

Our club has been designated as the "lead" in this effort for the entire district! People want to help, and we are giving them an avenue to do so. Thank you. . .

Joan Keller
Community Service Director