You missed it if you weren't in Duncan B.C. for District 5020's Assembly! First of all on Friday night, over 500 people enjoyed Hawk's Prairie's own Joseph Beaulieu and Greg Stevens as they opened the Assembly up with Oh Canada, and The Star Spangled Banner. then RI President Elect Karl Wilhelm Stenhammer sang the Swedish National Anthem in English(he said he'd never do that again. The the GSE Team From Germany sang the German National Anthem..
Dick Drew's Centennail Song was the hit of the Conference, as Distict 5020's Towne Crier(Kenny Podmore) gave an introduction that was like no other, comparing Joseph and Greg to The Everly Brothers of District 5020 and we all Sang. At the end of a rousing presentation by RI Representative Sonny Brown the entire 5020 contingent some 3-400 Rotarians walked outside and was entertained by a dynamic Duncan BC Fireworks show. Then on Saturday, right after a great breakfast, Joseph and Greg opened up the conference again, then again at noon, and twice at dinner. The Hawk's Prairie club was well-recognized, as all clubs were in Area 6(that's our area) Then on Sunday, after receiving commendations and a very heartfelt speech by Dick Drew, Rotarians were entertained by The African Children's Choir. If you've never seen them, don't miss them the next time they're in town! It is truly a heart wrenching experience. What a way to close out the Centennial Year!