Posted by Joseph Beaulieu on Dec 31, 2020
The pump is an electric pump and the goal was that electricity would be available by the time the system completed. This community was so excited and have waited so long that Etta Projects decided to install a generator that will run the pump and fill the tank until the electricity is finally available in 2021. The community and our team really wanted this project to come to fruition before the end of 2020 and now we can say “mission accomplished”.
This is Etta Projects first river diversion system, and we are grateful for all the players that helped us design and think through each part and for the tenacity of the community to never give up. There is a system for chlorination at the tank level and each family has already built a second filtration system with home candle filters for drinking.  After 30 years of living in this village they finally have clean running water.
Thank you,  for making this miracle happen for this small village on the edge of the Amboró National Park.
Thanks to Past President Bob Kagy and the Thurston County Rotary Water Projects Committee for completing this project!  Past President Bob Kagy sent this awesome news so that it will be posted on our website.