I was happy to be invited by Ken Balsley to become a Charter Member of the new Hawks Prairie Rotary Club. Ken knew me as a long-time Hawks Prairie resident & business person and he also had known my father, Al Thompson, who was a member of the Olympia Rotary club. In the months before and after we received our charter, Ken, Joseph Beaulieu, Bob Kagy, Bill Bryant and others worked diligently to not only get our new club off to a dynamic start but also to lend their experience. Joseph, Bob and Bill became Hawks Prairie Rotarians and Ken remained with the Lacey Club but became an honorary Hawks Prairie Rotarian. These gentlemen helped each new member to learn about Rotary and what it means to be a Rotarian. Joseph, especially, would patiently work with each of us, offering instruction tempered with encouragement and enthusiasm. He would be quick to put us back on track when we would wander. I think our club needs to always remember how much support we received from Joseph and from First Community Bank (now Venture Bank). On so many occasions when there was a financial need, Joseph would step forward and offer support from his employer, First Community Bank. (Venture Bank) I was appointed Director of Community Service, a position in which I was honored to serve for the first two years of our club. As a shy person, I appreciate the encouragement and confidence I received from my fellow Rotarians. I have been very impressed with the Rotarians who have served in leadership positions in our club. Working together, there is such a combination of talent, ability and resources that Hawks Prairie Rotary can accomplish great things. I treasure the friendships and the experiences I have gained through my membership in Hawks Prairie Rotary. May God continue to Bless Rotary and in turn, may Rotarians continue to invite Him to our meetings! Sandy Helton