HAWK'S PRAIRIE ROTARY by Joseph Beaulieu
Hawk's Prairie Rotary was sponsored by the Lacey Rotary Club. PDG Ken Balsley, and Past President's Bob Kagy and Joseph Beaulieu of the Lacey Club met in the Fall of 2000 to begin the Organizational Process. The Club Chartered August 28, 2001 with 32 members and the following officers: Joseph Beaulieu, President; Bill Bryant, President-elect; Jim Rydland, Secretary; Vikki Cates, Treasurer; Bill Peabody, Club Service; Shawn Lewis, International Service; Sandi Helton, Community Service; Jan Wallace, Vocational Service; and Bob Kagy, Sergeant-at-Arms. Within one year Mike Andritch was added as Membership Service. Following the Charge from then RI President-elect Cliff Dochterman speech in 1991, "If I could be club President again," the club was founded under the banner of dignity and respect. We wanted a club who's 'culture" was one of friendliness. One that was welcoming, inclusive, professional and fun! We wanted a club that made guests feel as one of the family. We also wanted to create a club that features weekly meeting that are worthwhile. That is why we created the "Pack'em in Meetings." Meetings where we involve every single Rotarian in our club. Two examples are celebrating every boy that attained the rank of Eagle Scout in the previous year. We do the same for the girl scouts with their Gold Award. These meetings double and triple our numbers for lunch. Our meetings are designed to have fun and provide energy. We created our own welcome song and close our meetings with God Bless America to honor the men and women in the Armed Forces who serve us well. We have "Special Moments", where we get to know our members better. We also try to find other ways to bring excitement and meaning to our weekly meetings. It is also important to us to have a club whose goals are out in front all the time. We created a master calendar that includes our goals. As we attain one, we highlight it and continue to update the calendar monthly. In essence, we wanted to make the culture of the Hawk's Prairie Rotary Club that is: Inclusive - Fun - Interesting - Exciting & Entergized. And by God - WE DID!