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The DTA (District Training Assembly), held at The Hotel Grand Pacific.on Friday May 10th should inspire all attendees.  District Trainer Marnee Oberdorf and DGE Maureen Fritz-Roberts have organised 45 different sessions:
  • FUNraising;
  • Concepts that really work for Developing New Clubs
  • Fostering High Ethical Standards
  • Becoming The Peacemaker - Conflict Resolution
  • Connecting the Mechanics and Heart of Public Speaking.
And speaking about public speaking! On Saturday, May 11th the activities move to The Victoria Conference Centre.
2 of the featured speakers for Saturday.
Barbara Helena Nieviadonski.
At 20, Barbara was a Rotary exchange student in Germany (2013 – 2014). She was sponsored by District 4730 in Brazil.
She is a graduate of the Technical Mechanics Engineering course from the Federal Technological University of Paranái (UTFPR) and now is entering Federal University of Paraná (UFPR) as a Design Major.
Her presentation is both an interesting and innovative narrative.  Barbara shares her exchange experience from her departure from Curitiba, Brazil up to her return a year later.  She uses an innovative way to present her material by carrying on a conversation with herself in the past and future through her video recording.  She discusses with herself in the future, what things are important and what might be interesting to share with others.
Today a Graphic Designer and Seamstress in Curitiba.
Barbara's presentation:
From Past to Present - An Exchange in Progress
Paul Chappell
" Although I am half Korean, a quarter black, and a quarter white, I felt like a racial outcast while growing up in Alabama. I felt alienated from the white, Korean, and black communities. However, the pain of feeling like a racial outcast fueled my journey to understand how our shared humanity transcends race, nationality, and religion. During an era when humanity has the technological capacity to destroy itself, human survival depends on more people becoming literate in our shared humanity. To survive and create a more peaceful future, we must also become literate in the art of living and the art of waging peace". 
Only 4 percent of Americans approved of interracial marriage in 1958, but by 2013 the approval rating had increased to 87 percent. That is a remarkable change during one human lifetime. 
Positive change does not happen by itself. We must make it happen!
Paul's presentation:
Why World Peace Is Possible your unstructured time, check the Organised Tours link:
golf, a Friday morning walking tour, two guided beer/dinner tours
Thank you to all who have registered. If you have not, please consider doing so!
Join fellow Rotarians  and Be The Inspiration 
The DTA/Conference Committee looks forward to meeting you in Victoria
Joan Peggs, Chair, DTA/Conference Committee