Update on the Thurston Econmic Development Council
Sep 02, 2022 12:00 PM
Michael Cade
Update on the Thurston Econmic Development Council

Michael began his tenure with the Economic Development Council of Thurston
County as Executive Director in January 2004. Prior to joining the EDC here,
Michael was the Vice President of the Snohomish County Economic
Development Council from 1992 – 2003. His career in economic and community
development began in 1987. His 25-year career has primarily been focused on
the recruitment of investment into the community, the retention of
companies; and the development of community-based economic development
plans and strategic implementation. He has worked on numerous
community-based community development task forces emphasizing the creation
of quality communities. He is a graduate of Western Washington University with
a degree in geography and English literature.
He currently sits on the Board of Directors of the Pacific Mountain Workforce
Development Council, Thurston Regional Planning Council, Morningside,
Thurston County Chamber of Commerce and the Washington Economic
Development Association (WEDA).
Michael is married to Sonja and together they have three children: Henry (29),
Paul (26) and Sophie (22).
The Thurston EDC, as the lead economic development agency for the county, is
dedicated to creating a vital and sustainable economy throughout the county that
supports the livelihood and values of our residents.