Update on the North Thurston Public Schools
Mar 05, 2021 12:00 PM
Dr Debra Clemens
Update on the North Thurston Public Schools

More than 25 years ago, Debra (Deb) J. Clemens started her career as an educator. While some careers are planned, Deb’s happened by following her passion for service to others. She was intending to become a business major, but after spending a few summers working with high school students as a youth counselor in Wisconsin, Deb realized she wanted to become a teacher.

Deb’s first teaching position was teaching middle and high school students computer applications and other business courses. She developed an expertise in instructional technology and quickly became a “go-to” tech person for her colleagues. Several learning opportunities later led her to become an instructional technology specialist for a school district in Minnesota. She enjoyed devoting her time and energy to training teachers and support staff on the latest technologies.

Additionally, Deb led more than 2,000 stakeholders in a year-long effort to create a 2017-2024 Strategic Plan. “This plan reflects our community's long-standing commitment to thriving schools that foster learning, growth and success for all students.” The plan includes goals, strategies and professional practices that provide a roadmap for the future of NTPS. The vision statement for this plan is “All Students Empowered and Future-Ready!”

Deb is loyal to many collegiate colors and mascots! She earned her Superintendent Credential from Washington State University after completing her Doctorate of Philosophy in Leadership Studies at Gonzaga University. Her Principal Credential was earned from Washington State University; she previously completed her Master in Business Administration at Gonzaga University. Her Bachelor of Science degree was completed at Viterbo University. Prior to NTPS, Deb served as the superintendent in Cheney Public Schools, and has held the roles of associate superintendent, human services director, high school principal, K-12 Instructional Technology Specialist, and teacher.